Idyllic Health - Branding and UI Design

Logo, Identity, and Web Design for a company that sells services in the field of healthcare.

Idyllic Health provides technology-enabled revenue cycle management (RCM) services which transform and solve revenue cycle performance challenges across hospitals, health systems and physician groups. This enables you to achieve the revenue cycle you’ve always envisioned – one that promotes patient satisfaction and improves financial performance. They also bring revenue cycle mentors & learners together to build a cohesive habitat of growth based learning.

The webinars range from 30-90 minutes are taken by industry experts in the field of medical coding and auditing.

I was to create an identity for the brand. I used Green and Blue, which are used in the healthcare industry. Also used a combination of serifs and interesting layouts to make a system for the brand.

Company: Idyllic Acuity
My Role: Visual Designer
Timeline: About 2 weeks

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