To test my design skills, I enrolled in Design Bootcamp from School of Motion. During the course, students get various assignments every week to work on. These are my submissions.

The first week of the program is the orientation week, you don’t get any guidance and are expected to produce a set of styleframes for Twitch. Keeping their branding in mind, we had to make a set of 4 – 6 frames with Motion as the intro to the Supernova cup progresses.

I used dynamic motion with shapes, and color inversion. The style was flat, but with enough playfulness for the whole intro to hold itself.

The second week was about making title design, and a set of style frames for Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown. A fictional show based in Japan, I used this blue and purple cyberpunk colors that the city Tokyo has always reminded me of. The frames overall looked cohesive and the title design also complimented these very well.

Next assignment was to make a set of moodboards with two frames for NASA’s Expedition to Mars, a fictional show about Mars.

I chose the Sci-Fi style with elements and typography in the first one. In the second one, I chose this dark blue color and did two frames representing these moodboards.

I chose the second style and made a set of 6 styleframes that follow our character as he progresses to the planet. With NASA’s logo appearing at the end. Overall, I loved this style more so I went with it.

Next assignment was to make a set of 3 moodboards and Art direct a post for Sprint, I used Motion, Chill and a typography based moodboard. Later on, I did the design accompanying the Motion one where I used a lot of Motion in Design to make it stand out, with using colors from the brand.

The fifth assignment was to make a 30 second spot for DIESEL. The theme was EDM and I went with this Grungy style that Diesel is known for. T

The sixth assignment was to make a set of opening titles for a short horror film directed by Mike Pecci called 12KM.

The challenge was to not change the look and color of the boards but base them on the film, I used a lot of horror/creepy textures to enhance the look. Really happy with how these turned out.

Next one is a set of boards for an explainer video by Everlearn. The idea was to make a set of boards for an explainer video that they were doing using simple shapes and communicate a story.  I went with a 3D look that conformed to their guidelines but was also different. Overall, I realized at the end that the blue character’s texture was creating problems with the expressions visibility, but since I had to submit them, it couldn’t be fixed easily. Really happy with how these turned out, although very different from the original assignment. I just went with it.

This assignment was to make boards for a Converse for a 5 second logo reveal. I used their star shape that progresses throughout time until their logo is revealed.

I still had 2 more assignments, but life happened and I couldn’t complete them. I still learned a great deal from the course, and feel that Design Bootcamp is one of the best courses to learn the fundamentals. Learned a great deal from my Teaching Assistant as well.

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